random short #1

i was at a funeral one time. i was at a funeral many times, but this is just the one i wanna talk about. New Orleans style jazz funeral. paraded down the streets. played the saxophone. paraded through bars, we got a shot in every one. this was part of the guy’s will i guess. he wanted a New Orleans style jazz funeral in marin. guy had a kid with Mama Cass actually but we’re not supposed to talk about that.

anyway the important thing is that his funeral was kinda fun! i guess it was actually his wake that was fun. people told stories, people played songs. that’s the kind of funeral i want. if somebody has to talk about the overdose just make sure it’s done tastefully.

the reason i say that his wake was the fun part is because the funeral got weird. sure, there was the body and all that shit to deal with and that’s heavy and clumsy to carry around and whatever but you have like one job and that’s not dropping it on the ground until you’re supposed to drop it on the thing that will later put it under the ground right?

and then suppose you don’t do that job well? right. body everywhere.

anyway. sometimes you just suck at your job. volunteers especially.

i was a volunteer.

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