The Fish Meta: Part 2.Meanwhile… Suggestions?

Howdy kids,

The second half of Part 2 is going to be a series of shorts from around the world about the last two weeks (in-story time obviously), with some characters you know but mostly one-off folks that you don’t. Maybe they’ll come back later, I don’t know.

Anyway, my question is–should anybody have any suggestions–any suggestions? Parts of the word you’re curious about, anybody you haven’t heard from recently, and so forth. Some ideas:

  • Jiro has a quirky hobby
  • Question Time at Westminster gets nasty
  • Amsterdam is fucked
  • Oceania is fucked
  • Water wars in North Africa
  • Fun with hákarl in Iceland
  • The Finches have a word with their butler
  • BankBuddy Park repairs
  • And so forth.

I sure hope the commentariat has suggestions 😁 not that I need them, but who doesn’t love engagement?

2 thoughts on “The Fish Meta: Part 2.Meanwhile… Suggestions?

  1. Berlin; Antje Kirchenberger: twenty-something Berliner who works as an art gallery curator in the Charlottenburg area and who is one of Cornelius’ gal pals from boarding school. She is overseeing an exhibit of fashionable armor made from the bones of recently-deceased fish. The exhibit is called “Underwater Dreams.”


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