Greetings, Juicers!

Major^4 here. TaMara informs me that I’ll be mentioned in today’s Authors In Our Midst post. How exciting!

First, I’d like to say that I was insanely busy for the months of February and March with various real-world distractions, so I apologize for not being present on the previous threads. And of course you should all check out the wonderful Becoming Phoebe by one of our own (Kirkus review here).

Anywho, I’ve got a few stories floating around on this blog, but the one that ended up taking off in my head is the one that TaMara (hopefully) linked to, the one where the fish disappear, which you can find here. If you’re already there, hi! This is the rough/first draft of a novel-length story I’m working on. Suggestions most definitely welcome. Since it’s rough, I’ve taken a throw-it-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks approach in some of the chapters, so apologies in advance if some of it is crap. Enjoy!

(I’ll be out and about for a bit, so I’m posting this now.)


Samwise Gamgee is not amused

And uh, here’s a picture of my cat having had enough of my shit.




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