Bossa Nova Covers of American Pop Songs – Bangkok 2017, pt. 1

Hey there, probably-nonexistent readers. I’m on a trip to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam right now. I’m sitting in a cool jazzy little cafe writing this on an unlocked phone that my husband had sitting around. This is actually my first time traveling overseas with very much of a data plan at all (2GB for $8 at the airport is a steal), and it’s nice. The best part is Google Maps, but being able to look things up more generally is good too. In a pinch, it’s also good if I get bored, but I’ve been trying to work on presence more and so far I’ve only gotten bored while using the bathroom, which I think is close to a human universal.

Here’s the cafe I’m in, which has a great name, don’t you think?

IMG_0070 I haven’t done a whole lot. Went to the mall because I packed the one pair of shorts I own and realized I would probably need another. The mall, Terminal 21, was interesting. Each level is decorated like a different city. The food court, which is excellent, was San Francisco. Can’t get away from that place! It’s much cleaner here, though.


“San Francisco”

In addition to shorts, I bought a bag. It was in London.


Some places had funny names.

Some places had funny shirts.

This place had an apron I almost bought.

Observation: every establishment is playing jazz, or bossa nova covers of American pop songs.

It’s a very pretty city. I haven’t been here long enough to get more than a general sense of things. Here’s some views. IMG_0026


Center-right is world famous smut alley Soi Cowboy


It sorta looks like that. This is the street we’re staying on and the view from the rooftop pool.

IMG_0010 IMG_0068

Tomorrow I’m going to Wat Pho and that whole complex, which should be super cool. Tonight is dinner at Gaggan, which we saw watching Chef’s Table and then thought, hey, we’re going to be there! So we got a reservation. Looking forward to that.

And honestly I just really like this graffiti doodle I saw. It reminds me of something Jeff Smith (‘Bone’, ‘Rasl’, etc.) would draw.


2 thoughts on “Bossa Nova Covers of American Pop Songs – Bangkok 2017, pt. 1

  1. Hi Major^4 – glad you’re already having a good time after your very long flight.

    I tried to go to Tucson last Thursday, spent 24 miserable hours trapped at Hartsfield in ATL and when given a chance flew back home to CRW as it looked really hard to get to Tucson. Oh well, I’m almost back to normal now. Stood on marble floor for 7 hours from 1 am til 7 am to get re-ticketed after final Tucson flight was canceled at 12:30 am.

    Looks like Thailand will be more fun than Atlanta!! Keep those pics coming, and maybe you should have bought more than 2GB for the going rate, just sayin’!

    I hear gemstones are easy to come by in some places, here’s a link

    Take care, enjoy!

    JR in WV


    1. Thanks JR! That… sounds terrible. Funny how sometimes Thailand by way of China can be easier to get to than… Tucson. I’ve actually been meaning to spend more time in the AZ/NM region though, I grew up in Colorado but our excursions were always WY/UT, and NE for family.

      Thanks for the link. I don’t really have any way to appraise that sort of thing but I’ll keep any eye out, especially when I leave Bangkok.


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